Does ADHD ever go away?

adhd freedom
"Will this condition ever fade away? Or will I have a mile-a-minute mind & wild impulsive streaks forever?"  Many kids and teens feel this question every time they have a bad ADHD experience. Life's harsh lessons have a way of making us look inwards, at our perceived flaws. And boy can it be a question that stings often. ADHD, particularly the hyperactive subtype, can instigate a horrible trifecta of negative feedback from parents, teachers, and even peers. For someone whose knowled...

2 reasons why your focus floats like a lost butterfly

wild butterfly mind
How often has this happened:  The end of the day is rolling around – 8 hours of work -- and NOTHING was really done. You're not alone. Everyone else with ADHD has also been there, unfortunately. When I was younger, this was just a regular day in my high school (and even college) life! Focus floats around the ADHD mind like a zoned out butterfly, if given the chance. But only if you don't know how to put it in a jar. Here are a couple things you can do right away to bottle up your preci...

How does Ritalin help the ADHD brain?

Meds: how do they help?
Normally I focus on practices that lead to natural ADHD relief. We have this focus on the blog. because lifestyle factors wield substantial impact on the ADHD mind. A change of personal habits can often be the solution on its own. But for some people, medications may be the only option that works. Nothing works 100% for everyone, after all. Ritalin is one of the most popular ADHD prescription medications available. It's a powerful drug, and for those considering it, they should know exact...

ADHD in girls – Similar, yet different

introverted girl
Ever hear that ADHD is overdiagnosed? Well, the facts point to exactly the opposite conclusion for girls and women. Quartz recently reported on new data that suggests we have an entire lost generation of women who struggle to manage this condition on their own during their early years. Social neglect has forced many such girls to fend for themselves. A condition wrongly fixated around boys "ADHD is not gender linked," says Dr. Patricia Quan, director of the Center for Gender Issues and ADHD...

Unforgettable study lessons from my most difficult class in school

I think everyone has memories of one class that sends chills down their backs, years later. Memories of long, hard nights and nail-grating lectures... long after the final session and exams have been turned in. My borderline-traumatic class was Pharmacology. Imagine a 600 page, upper level medical textbook filled with endless chemical tables, dosages, physiological actions and reactions as your core learning material. Never mind the ADHD; that class was hell on earth for everyone! The g...

When the stimulants don’t work: How to get your focus back anyway

When the ADHD meds stop working
Uh Oh. You went to the doctor hoping to finally get control of your mile a minute mind. But all you have now is a car payment sized bill from your pharmacy. What to do next? Are you doomed to a life of chasing squirrels, awkward conversations, and missed work deadlines? Not so fast; by no means are you alone. Many people deal with ADHD without the use of meds. Here's how you can be one of the high functioning ones with just a small few small tweaks to your diet and lifestyle:  ...

Is ADHD a “real” illness? The case For and Against

adhd kid in box
"Oh come on, you really believe the doctor? You don't really have that. It's just the latest fad diagnosis," you hear as you walk past an arguing pair. Any guesses what they were talking about? I think you and I know all too well.. As someone who's been diagnosed with the condition, and who hangs out with many others afflicted by ADHD, even sometimes we question it. That's how skeptical society has become. So let's examine the facts from both sides, and see if ADHD is a real conditi...

3 Ways to Handle Chronic Mind-Wandering

It's crunch time and you're facing down the barrel of yet another ominous deadline. On one hand, you know your goose is cooked if you don't get this out to your teacher, boss, or whoever patiently awaits. On the other hand, you'd rather be anywhere but here. And so your mind opts to do what your body can't. It wanders off… We've all been there before. Before I started writing these words, I was reading about Mars. And even now a part of my mind is far away from planet Earth… It's no...

Am I just lazy? What is the real difference with ADHD?

Lazy person
Ever felt like you were just lazy about getting things done? That you just didn't FEEL like doing them? Or is ADHD the real culprit? People with ADHD – myself included – often struggle to find the real culprit behind their inaction. This talk about the differences between laziness and clinically diagnosed ADHD.   Laziness – all about immediate cost-benefit To an extent we're all lazy – after all, if it wasn't worth expending calories on the hot savannas of Africa, we were wastin...

ADHD killing productivity tools for your workspace

hourglass timekeeper
Long periods at a desk -- a situation that drives many ADHD afflicted people into a mild state of depression and angst. As a writer, I know your pain. And while desk work may never compare to sipping the drink of your choice in a hammock by the beach, the work desk can become a productive and inspiring environment to get things done in. Here my top three tools for getting in the zone: Solving idle web browsing and other computer distractions For maximum "focus leverage," shutting off...