ADHD vs Depression – What’s the difference?

ADHD vs Depression - Infographic


Having any mental disorder can create uneasy feelings, but depression can be particularly devastating to one’s sense of self-worth. People who are depressed often feel guilty, worthless, and loathe life itself. They often lack the motivation to complete important daily tasks and sometimes have trouble getting into a regular sleep pattern. Social withdrawal is common and can further exacerbate systems of Major Depressive Disorder.

Few people enjoy the fact that they have ADHD, but other than the occasional blues, ADHD individuals do not feel a crippling sense of depression in their day-to-day experience. However there is extra frustration at not being able to meet deadlines, or having to pay attention through long lectures. These frustrations are within the bounds of normal for such individuals with ADHD.

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1 year 4 months ago

Depression is more dangerous than ADHD. Depression can lead to suicidal tendencies… As much as ADHD must be consulted with a medical professional, so too depression.