ADHD vs Anxiety Disorder – What’s the difference?

ADHD vs Anxiety - Infographic



Like ADHD, anxiety disorder, especially generalized anxiety disorder, can be pervasive throughout one’s life. People suffering from anxiety feel a general sense of unease as they go about their day. Small issues seem more severe and stressful. The person may understand his or her stress levels are too high for a given situation, and yet still feel overwhelming physiological stress taking over.

People with ADHD also feel stress, especially as their condition gets in the way of being able to get things done. The significant difference is that their stress deals only with events that would be stressful to anyone — that is to say stress manages the situation appropriately.

There is a big gender gap between these two conditions. ADHD affects men and boys 2 to 1 over women and girls. On the other hand, anxiety disorder is overrepresented in women and girls.

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