Is ADHD a “real” illness? The case For and Against

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"Oh come on, you really believe the doctor? You don't really have that. It's just the latest fad diagnosis," you hear as you walk past an arguing pair. Any guesses what they were talking about? I think you and I know all too well.. As someone who's been diagnosed with the condition, and who hangs out with many others afflicted by ADHD, even sometimes we question it. That's how skeptical society has become. So let's examine the facts from both sides, and see if ADHD is a real conditi...

3 Ways to Handle Chronic Mind-Wandering

It's crunch time and you're facing down the barrel of yet another ominous deadline. On one hand, you know your goose is cooked if you don't get this out to your teacher, boss, or whoever patiently awaits. On the other hand, you'd rather be anywhere but here. And so your mind opts to do what your body can't. It wanders off… We've all been there before. Before I started writing these words, I was reading about Mars. And even now a part of my mind is far away from planet Earth… It's no...

Am I just lazy? What is the real difference with ADHD?

Lazy person
Ever felt like you were just lazy about getting things done? That you just didn't FEEL like doing them? Or is ADHD the real culprit? People with ADHD – myself included – often struggle to find the real culprit behind their inaction. This talk about the differences between laziness and clinically diagnosed ADHD.   Laziness – all about immediate cost-benefit To an extent we're all lazy – after all, if it wasn't worth expending calories on the hot savannas of Africa, we were wastin...

ADHD killing productivity tools for your workspace

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Long periods at a desk -- a situation that drives many ADHD afflicted people into a mild state of depression and angst. As a writer, I know your pain. And while desk work may never compare to sipping the drink of your choice in a hammock by the beach, the work desk can become a productive and inspiring environment to get things done in. Here my top three tools for getting in the zone: Solving idle web browsing and other computer distractions For maximum "focus leverage," shutting off...

How to ward off attention deficit issues by following the Japanese Example

Japanese bento meal
Americans have to wonder: is poor diet contributing to poor mental health? Comparing our performance against the Japanese may hold the answer... Dr. Craig Wilcox has been looking into the Japanese way of life for many years. According to his research, a subgroup of Japanese people living in the lower island of Okinawa "have a lower risk of arterial sclerosis and stomach cancer, very low risk cancers including breast and prostate cancer." Moreso, Japanese people have the longest life...

How Exercise Can Help With Adult ADHD: Brain Chemistry and More

When you exercise, your brain releases chemicals called neurotransmitters, including dopamine, which helps with attention and clear thinking. People with ADHD often have less dopamine than usual in their brain. The stimulant medicines that are often used to treat adult ADHDwork by increasing the availability of dopamine in the brain. So it makes sense that a workout can have many of the same effects as stimulant drugs. Fitness can have the following benefits for adults with ADHD: Ease ...