Brain foods that help correct attention deficit hyperactive behaviors

An introduction to our diet's role in building focus and concentration, followed by some potent lessons from the concentration-rich Japanese culture on how to overcome focus problems all naturally.

Tools to help your child focus WITHOUT meds

Suitable for children, teens, and parents, learn powerful "focus foods" to naturally restore attention and focus.

Presented by an ADHD Expert

Sean Desilva, Author of "Concentration Zen for the ADHD Mind"

Live Q&A Session

Have your questions answered at the end of the webinar by our expert

What You Will Learn In This Free Webinar:

Foods that correct attention deficit hyperactive behaviors

Throughout the webinar, you'll learn the facts and science behind special foods that mitigate ADHD tendencies.

Simple focus and concentration building exercises for kids and adults

Do these simple concentration exercises in mere minutes per day when you're bored or taking a break to train your brain back into focus.

Environmental factors that are aggravating you or your child's ADHD

Modern society was not built for the attention deficit mind. This webinar will review some ways to deal with environmental stressors